Princess Sparkle Pants!!!

Published on: 09/11/2009

Webree's latest ecommerce site!

Luisa Martin and Hannah Murphy are the girls many Webree clients have the pleasure of speaking to when they need things done. As well as being fabulous project managers and clients account managers respectively, Luisa and Hannah have a creative flair for jewellery making.

In April, the girls decided to have a go at selling a few bits and bobs they had made via the social networking site Myspace. Naming themselves Princess Sparkle Pants, Luisa and Hannah we’re able to contact people they thought might like their products, and make sales.

Encouraged by the positive response they received, Luisa and Hannah decided to continue making things, but sell them using an ecommerce site that could facilitate the needs of Princess Sparkle Pants.

As Webree employees, Luisa and Hannah were well aware of the fantastic ecommerce options offered, there was no question that they would use Webree software to tailor the site that would work for them, with a bit of help from IBIS lead developer Nick Watins and some styling from lead Xpor developer Aron Craig. The site was put together in a matter of a couple of days.

Built in IBIS, Luisa and Hannah are able to control all aspects of the site. Using the software, they are able to;

  • Add, edit, and delete products
  • Control stock levels
  • Choose the product categories
  • Take online payments for products
  • Contact customers through a mailing list

The site has proved to be a success with subscriptions, sales and search engine rankings constantly growing. Both Luisa and Hannah are over the moon with the results. IBIS has accomplished perfectly what the girls wanted, needed and allowed them to run it themselves.

If you're looking for an ecommerce website, large or small thats easy peasy to manage yourself contact us to find out how easy it could be, or call us on 02392 738000.