RSS News Feed Incorporated into Xpor on-line web service

Published on: 13/04/2006

Users of the Ltd Xpor product have long been able to add News items to their web services. Many Xpor client organisations are of a technical specialists and high quality reference sources in their own fields. Organisations such as UKWIR (leading edge water industry research), IEA Clean Coal (Coal Research around the globe) and The Aluminium Federation (ALFED) all produce news through their website that specialists would prefer to see delivered directly to their desktops (Breaking News!)

By installing an RSS news feed program (such as Sharp Reader) it is possible to receive Xpor controlled news within moments of it going live. For further details and links tot he reader program web sites, have a look at the BBC website guide. When you have the program installed, simply type the address of the newsfeed (e.g into the address bar provided by the Sharp Reader, and all of the available news items appear on your screen). Give it a go!