Research Project Life-Cycle Management

Published on: 04/10/2006

Research Project Life-Cycle Management

UKWIR, facilitator of collaborative research to the UK water operators, has recently commissioned Webree to develop on-line management of its research projects. The entire process is provided through the UKWIR web service.

Subscribers to the UKWIR research programme drive the subjects for research. Each subscriber may submit a series of research topic / projects to a pool of such proposals. The method for submitting the proposal is through the UKWIR website, where the subscriber must first log in. Under this secure connection, the subscriber may view the proposals submitted by other subscribers (if so permitted) before making their own submissions.

All proposals are completed with key information and are then submitted by the subscriber. Submitted proposals are then made available for all other subscribers to view.

The proposals submissions date will close off automatically at a preset date. Completed proposals are then compiled into a catalogue of categorised proposals and is made available to principal subscribers.

After a preset period the subscribers are invited to vote for their selections of proposals. The results are compiled as the voting period progresses, with voters being locked out once they have completed their selections.

When the preset closing date for voting is reached, voting is closed off. Further reports are made with the scores. At this point UKWIR balances their subscribed income against predicted expenditure for the top selection of research subjects. The selected projects are then presented through the website for research contractors to provide expressions of interest. A secondary "club" of proposals is also provided in case subscribers require to push these projects through with additional money.

Expressions of interest made by potential research contractors are reported to UKWIR, who then invite selected contractors to provide proposals.

After a bid appraisal period UKWIR appoint a contractor to each selected project and the project is given a Live status. A project Manager is appointed, provided with access to the on-line project management tool. Using this tool it is possible to enter key data and dates, throughout the life of the project. This data is compiled by the system to provide the required quarterly progress reports. The system even manages workshops held throughout the project lifespan.

This new, on-line system is completely integrated with the the UKWIR web service, powered by the XPOR system. Web services are now very much about business integration. XPOR provides the ability for clients to not only achieve this integration but also to develop and manage their own personalised service.

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