Research Projects Managed Online

Published on: 31/07/2007

Research Projects Managed Online

Enabling our customers with online management of Research Projects is a speciality of ours. Working with UKWIR we have developed a User Friendly online service to facilitate efficient management of both short and long term research projects.

The system is built into the UKWIR website, powered by our XPOR web service. Seamless integration with web pages, document management and access control has been provided to support the Project System. Consequently the management of projects spans from initial suggestions by nominated members, through project selection to outcome dissemination.

The word has now got out that we have deployed a new version of the service for R i Alliance, who coordinate R&D programmes for SUEZ Environment, associated companies in the water business.

The new service dovetails into the R i Alliance organisation, which operates on very similar principals to UKWIR. Member organisations who combine membership contributions to fund industry based research projects will likely follow similar principals in most cases. This pre-developed service will probably be useful in even more cases. Given its' pre-developed case, the application can be style customised and installed in a matter of days. The R i Alliance version was completed inside 3 weeks. allowing for some additional work as well.