SLA Management System for VT Four S

Published on: 27/08/2009

SLA Management System for VT Four S

VT Four S are part of the VT Group Plc's Education and Skills division. VT Four S provides a comprehensive range of expert consultancy, training and mangement services to the education sector.

Webree (in conjunction with one of our partnering advertising agencies) has developed an Extranet for VT Four S that enables schools in the Surrey area to purchase their sub-contracted SErvice Level Agreements online, instead of completing a paper return.

With a user step by step guide through the process, it's simple for schools to look at previous purchases and contracts over the past three years, as well as reviewing their current baskets before submitting them.

The website provides easy navigation for VT administrators by means of clear, concise method to add new schools, users and products to the system. It also enables VT to track school purchases and analyse business trends over the years through the production of multiple of reports generate from purchase information.

Over 400 schools have ordered services from catering to ICT support from the the SLA management system. The system has received such positive reviews from it's users that VT are planning to expand the system to schools outside of the Surrey area.