Social Networking - the next big web failure

Published on: 22/09/2010

There are some startling facts concerning our adoption of the Internet.  Here's the current leader;

The $1,000,000,000 entity that has NO revenue.

Interested?  Here's the pitch.  Let's make a web based forum and let lots of people use it.  Its' unique selling point will be ... its name.  It has to be "clean" ... untarnished by commercial interests, so that people feel "safe".  So let's not use it to raise any revenue at all.

Obviously it's going to cost money to build, money to market, money to support ... and remember that it won't generate any money in return.  Hmm, does $1,000,000,000 still sound about right?

I know I'm a simple entrepreneur and not blessed with the creative genius that is Financial Services.  But $1,000.000,000 OUT and $0 IN (are you getting tired of reading $1,000,000,000 yet??) isn't a sustainable business.

Obviously it isn't worth $1,000,000,000 is it!  It has entered the world of the speculative investor.  The people who gamble OUR money in the hope that prices go up.  As somebody put it "Smart Money looking for Dumb Money to rescue it".

Still interested?  Speak to your friendly Financial Adviser (remember share prices can go down as well as ... erm!)