South West Water upgrade to X4

Published on: 07/01/2015

For the past 10 years webree has been providing the online service known as South West Water Developer Works.  Initially developed with Pell Frischmann consultants, the system was eventually fully managed by ourselves.  We are now very proud to continue that service, upgrading it from our older version of Xpor to the very latest Xpor version 4.
The first element of upgrading the system was the generation of an Object Model, representing the real world business processes involved.  This is a simple "get your thoughts down on paper" drawing, showing the key "objects" in the Developer Works process, together with their properties and their associations to each other.
This model is then built with X4 Object Modeller, which is connected directly to the new Developer Works Xpor4 website installation.  All of the data held in the old system is then mapped from the old table structure to the new objects / properties / associations structure of Xpor4 and subsequently imported.
"The key to doing these exercises efficiently is a clear understanding of what the system is currently doing, its' data structure and its' purpose.  The great thing about Xpor 4 is that the person who understands the business case can then build the complete system.  No coders involved!"