Templates and Podules --- making it all happen

Published on: 16/04/2006

The content engine of Xpor has long been a powerful feature of the system. Using pre-prepared templates, the User can produce as many web pages as they require. This has now been significantly upgraded by the addition of Template DesignOR, a powerful yet easy to use system for producing Xpor templates from scratch.

Template DesignOR has been in use by webree staff for several months now, and certain key clients have been beta testing the system on live web sites. Successful completion of this testing and development period means that the template DesignOR module can now be incorporated into Xpor systems. The main drive of content ManagOR is to provide all templates and therefore all aspects of web pages, generated from within the Xpor system ... on-line.

One excellent example of this is this very site. Every aspect of this site has been developed using Xpor.

Template DesignOR not only provides on-line configuration of the templates used in Xpor websites but also provides the ability to link into them any number of functional "podules". Podules can be anything from simple HTML editable areas right through to special on-line forms involving calculations and selection. Followers of webree news will remember the recent release of Database DesignOR. Well, "podules" allow anybody who has made a web form to include the form (and therefore link to the database) on any template.

More news will follow as the podule functions are increased