Top Quality XPOR Email Service

Published on: 27/03/2006

Top Quality XPOR Email Service

A feature of XPOR that is often overlooked is the on-line email system found in our OrganisOR module. It is a quick and easy matter to send out your emails, incorporating your Company header, email attachments to any number of recipients you have uploaded to your contacts lists.

Email Templates and mass mail-outs that have been created and sent from your own systems can cause all sorts of problems for you the sender. The XPOR online email system removes all of this workload to professionally managed web servers.

You can produce and store for re-use, email templates, providing a professional letterhead for email correspondence and ensuring reliability in transit. Emails from your Company should carry the same branding as your hard copy correspondence. With XPOR you can now send your emails out on your company's stationery 100% reliably and for no additional cost.

We can even produce these templates for you (about £30 a time). You provide us with your artwork, either in hard copy or an emailable version (We can lift artwork from your website if you like), we send you a proof, once approved, we provide a personal self installing download which will incorporate your letterhead into your emails, giving all your correspondence a professional identity. Once you have the template in place on your XPOR system then you can use it again and again.

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