UKWIR award project to Webree

Published on: 03/05/2011

Water Efficiency Project

We are delighted to announce that Webree has been commissioned by UK Water Industry Research, to provide a website that shares Water Efficiency Project knowledge.

The new web service will build on the previous WRc version, having first been integrated into the UKWIR system. UKWIR has clearly recognised the importance and value of websites that are produced as outcomes of UKWIR sponsored projects. As such it is essential that the web site is properly integrated into the UKWIR website, to ensure a controlled branding of these public facing services.

With over 100 projects already incorporated into the system, it provides a wealth of knowledge and experience for the water professional to consider when designing new schemes.

Although most of UKWIR services are strictly controlled, this project website will be available to experts and general public alike. Visitors will be able to create their own accounts to search the system AND enter their own projects.

What is water efficiency? Visit to find out. Watch this space for news of the completed UKWIR branded project.