USB Applications

Published on: 21/02/2008

USB Applications - Small, Secure, Portable

USB flash memory pens are making a big impact, beyond its role as a handy memory stick, through to the market for dedicated software applications. Recently Webree were delighted to be appointed as developers of another high profile USB application device. Having considerable experience with USB applications, we can take a business idea and produce a secure and stable software application that executes directly off a USB device.
In this latest a project, Webree was commissioned by Leepeck Greenfield to produce an application capable of running directly from a USB stick, independent of any third party software (e.g. VB/.Net Runtime). The completed application would conform to strict style guidelines, require little flash memory, and run on Windows 98, 2000, XP, and Vista Operating Systems.

The completed software is now mass produced on a dedicated USB pendrive and is receiving considerable press interest.

USB Application

The application allows users to store vast amounts of personal data, in a secure, simple and accessible manner.

With very tight development times, and difficulty technical task, Webree delivered an attractive application meeting all the customers requirements, and coming in at less than 1MB.

If you are considering the benfits of using USB ppen drives to host your software application, please contact us to discuss the services we can offer. With USB devices becoming ever-cheaper to prodce in bespoke designs, and of greater memory capacity, USB pen drives are the ideal method to offer many new and existing software services.