USB Flash Stick synchronises on and off line storage

Published on: 26/01/2008

USB Flash Stick synchronises on and off line storage

On-line / Workflow controlled document management systems are all about people being given access to and control of their document library. The service can be effective in improving service and reducing costs. However, have you ever stopped to ask about the "Internet Challenged" individuals. In fact do you know if you have any and if so how many?

You probably won't be surprised to read that the majority of those people who worry about using the Internet are generally of the older age group. Quite often this includes senior management. Should these people be overlooked in their ability to use the document library? Probably not!

Submitting documents online is quite a stressful event, even for the regular user. A primary concern that is receiving more recognition is the natural question "where is my document?". "Somewhere on the Internet" is a very imprecise answer. We have now addressed this principal concern with our synchronised U3 USB document library stick.

We have been banging on about U3 USB memory sticks now for some considerable time. With several working systems completed we now understand fully the benefits that this technology has to offer to organisations. With this in mind we have developed a U3 application that synchronises it's content with an online document management system.

This offers so many benefits over current practices;

  1. MORE secure
  2. MUCH easier to use
  3. Completely portable
  4. Completely under control
  5. LESS stress
  6. Inexpensive

With USB memory sticks offering 8GB capacity for as little as £30, we think this technology has a big future. Want to learn more or see a demo?