Upgraded Printing Capacity

Published on: 26/12/2006


Upgraded Printing Capacity

Hidden under a bushel in our Portsmouth office we have the complete end-to-end production service. This process has been operating for over 5 years now and involves the production of printed documents and CD / DVDs. This service is a big success and we have recently increased our production capacity.

Webree operates Kyocera Mita ECOSYS printers. with recent additions to our capacity we can now produce nearly 200 pages per minute of either mono or colour printed materials. These printers offer outstanding performance for the service we offer, on-demand print production. A real working demonstration of the power of our own XPOR based online services.

The entire system is controlled by the Webree PublishOR system, part of the XPOR suite of products. PublishOR manages ALL aspects of the document, from proofing, through typesetting, production, distribution, sales, accounting and on-going management / archiving.

A key feature of PublishOR is the way it integrates the XPOR online service with real world production / stock control systems. Items, such as books, CDs, product designs, composite (pick list) products and services are all created as objects within the PublishOR system.

The system then works with pre-defined "providers", methods by which a product is provided, to order / produce the components when an order is received. With all aspects of the order under electronic control, stock levels are kept to a minimum and lead times are massively reduced. One minute you have a PDF file, the next £££ in the bank and a printed book on its way to your customer. No effort on your part!