WSSTP training in Portsmouth

Published on: 14/05/2009

Water supply and sanitation Technology Platform Training

Each year we train many people / organisations on how to use our software. This year our first session was with the Water supply and sanitation Technology Platform (WssTP). The training session held in Portsmouth, covering the XPOR features used to manage the WssTP website.

We don't normally make news articles with regards to training sessions. However, we were particularly pleased with the outcome of the session and with the fact that we are working with WssTP. Many of our clients are research oriented member organisations. The need to generate cost effective R&D has often focussed funds on collaborative research. The WssTP provides the European platform and perspective to identifying research needs and their benefits to Europe on a global basis.

Over the coming year the work of the WssTP will involve mirror groups of organised Nation States. Much of this activity may be focussed through the website, which has the capability to support and devolve responsibility to the Nation States concerned. So the successful introduction and training of the recently appointed liaison officer Céline Hervé-Bazin, is an important step to delivering the WssTP vision.