Web services for you to manage

Published on: 27/07/2008

Many member organisations are now at the point of recognising the importance of a web service. Not to be confused as a website, a web service is integral to the service an organisation offers. Never mind all the web techno-babble, this is simply the next logical step for MOST organisations.

Seven years ago it was software providers who realised the benefit of using a website to deliver updates for their systems. Now most every business and organisation is recognising the cost and service benefits presented by on-line service.

There are several ways of providing a functional web service. Firstly you could employ your own web developer/s to develop and manage your online activity. Secondly you could employ a sub-contract web developer. Thirdly (and ideally), your web service shold be manageable and even developable by your current staff.

Why would managing and developing your web service be the best solution? Because you don't want to be dependant on a third party for this critical activity. You know this but doubt your organisations aility to say on top of the work.

Put this doubt aside and do what you know it be the right thing.