XPOR 3.0 Snippets

Published on: 18/06/2007

XPOR 3.0 Snippets

XPOR 3.0 is about making XPOR a more compatible and productive tool. We have listened to our clients and have taken on board most everything raised. XPOR 3.0 (beta) is currently under User review, with the last remainng changes and bugs being completed. Many of our clients have volunteered as Beta testers, taking the opportutiy to influence the XPOR core development team at this important stage in the systems release.

Over the coming weeks we will be releasing public snippets concerning new and imporved features in version 3.0. How about this for a starter?

Administrators of XPOR systems have a wealth of on-line tools at their disposal. However, as XPOR is not the only thing people do with their time (!) it is often the case that Administrators nearly always concentrate on only a few of these features. We have therefore changed the Administration Home Page to enable Administatords to customise what they want to see (and gain access to). And it's fun!

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