XPOR powers online bookshop

Published on: 19/07/2007

XPOR powers online bookshop

The UK Water Industry Research (UKWIR) have just launched their Forefront Library Bookshop to promote and sell their reports online. In doing so, the Forefront Library has already improved online sales of documents which were before only sold through the UKWIR website as an additional service.

Webree's Forefront Library Bookshop

The UKWIR Forefront Library bookshop is a step towards the evolution of online document management, with deep analysis of PDF content to expose documents to search engine indexing while maintaining document security.

Webree have built the bookshop on their powerful PublishOR software, which is renowned for facilitating the document family of many large member organisations. Combined with E-Commerce, PublishOR delivers a powerful online resource for selling books, reports, publications, technical guides, you name it. However, it is in no way limited to documents... it is a very flexible and dynamic system.

Furthermore on the road-path of impressive software development from the Webree offices, USB device applications are now used to synchronise bookshops on to your USB, effectively making portable bookshops which can be updated client-side, then synchronised back on to the online bookstore.

The Forefront-Library is ACTION PACKED with features that both benefit and drive the UKWIR e-commerce service, some of which include:

  • Real time website and order statistics
  • Automatic conversion and cataloguing of documents to secure PDF
  • Group or member-specific discounts and distributions
  • Highlighted documents by most popular, most rated, or featured
  • Search engine friendly

What's even more amazing about the Forefront Library? It was built COMPLETELY with Webree's flagship enterprise content management suite - XPOR - proving that the range of applications that can be built and delivered using XPOR's rich array of tools and features really are limitless.

Why not put the system to the test today, and request a Demo of Webree's latest XPOR version "Exigo".

For more information, call us on 023 9273 8000, or email sales@webree.com