Xpor and KN3W security

Published on: 16/04/2006

Xpor and KN3W Security

Security of on-line services is an ever increasing concern for organisations who are making ever increasing use of the Internet. Whereas it is often the case that security is the last thing that a new project may consider, it is an "expected" of a professional web service development company.

Throughout our Xpor and KN3W product development paths we have consistently maintained an eye on methods of cracking into them. We have recognised how important this aspect of security would be to our clients. sadly this is not the case with many other web service systems. Often Security of a web site remains completely ignored, until the hack occurs. Then it is raised to the highest priority, with significant disruption, management time, stress and cost involved.

Examples of easily accessed web services are everywhere. For example ... well perhaps we won't mention any here! However, the expertise gained from protecting our own services can also be called on to analyse your own web service provider. We can perform very quick security checks of your system, and demonstrate any problems you may have.

Simply drop an email to sales@webree.com for further details, in return we will provide you with the various forms we need to proceed with a check. Then, get ready for some good news .... before the bad news of a security hack hits you!

Customers using our web service products rest assured that webree are very careful to protect these services!