Xpor includes PDF conversion to web pages

Published on: 13/04/2006

The outcome of your project might be a written report. Written in Word, you convert it to PDF format, to "protect" it from being modified / copied. Xpor does this for you automatically. Simply upload the document into your library and the PDF will be produced in seconds.

Sadly, this also hides the information away from most data indexing methods.

Xpor has now incorporated a method of converting your PDF document to html. This means that your library could now be completely searched / indexed by search engines and your web indexing service. This completely enables document searching. Customers looking for a book on garden plants in Somerset could learn that your book HAS got this in, by searching in Google ... even if it is only a sentence somewhere inside the content.

In fact the service will produce a mini website for you ... just for this particular document!

Very powerful!