Yes Yes CSS CMS!

Published on: 09/08/2006

Yes Yes CSS CMS!

Imagine a Content Management System that allows you to create layouts with your CSS skills. A CMS that provides instant deployment of pre-configured functions and centrally manages hundreds of websites. That’s what our Partner community of clients have been asking for, so that’s what we’ve delivered.

Our XPOR developer module provides on-line web management for even the purist developer complete with a common interface and multi-client management.

People have differing views on the real value and cost of ever changing web standards, but this is an inevitable progression that cannot be ignored. XPOR now provides developers with a method of creating CSS based web page templates easily.

XPOR provides three methods of producing web page templates:

• Custom Template using XPOR Template Design Wizard - original tabular system that enables podules (areas of pre-developed functionality and interface) to be dropped onto a template

• Custom template using XPOR Template Language – XPORIAN tag system developed in 2005 which simply allows the developer access to the code snippet tags built into XPOR. These tags allow developers to deploy and place code podules instead of tabular podules through our online language editor.

• Bespoke template – create a web page in an external editor such as Dreamweaver and use XPOR functionality to retrieve and send information to the system.

XPOR now provides an easy to use window and a documented code reference to enable developers to deploy our tried and tested podule functionality in minutes through their own web templates built from CSS, tables or simple asp html. For more information call us on 02392 738000 or contact us.