Another one joins the club

Published on: 14/05/2018

Despite our best efforts to over work her, Vicky has managed to find the time to get married and is now luxuriating on a long honeymoon in St Lucia.

Last week Vicky and Ollie tied the knot, surrounded by family, friends and ... all her favourite things.  What are they, you may ask? Well, given they got married on "May the Forth", perhaps that's a good clue.

With references to their favourite cult films and shows, the wedding was impressive and memorable.  And being a big fan of Harry Potter, Vicky can now dispose of her store of Amortentia because there was clearly no need for any help from Professor Slughorn.  Mischief Managed!

We all wish the happy couple a great Honeymoon and happiness for the rest of their lives.