Changing the way online services and apps are developed

Published on: 03/08/2021

Are you a software coder?  No - then read on and realise your dreams!  Yes - read on and weep!

Imagine YOU building a system that allows;

  • Any of your clients to privately submit their requests to your organisation, via a web portal OR direct email
  • Alerts the people responsible in your organisation,
  • Logs the request
  • Prepares the request for your staff to action, record, test and approve
  • Provides a complete, secure, auditable record
  • Involves the client whenever you think it is appropriate
  • Handles paid, support and warranty claims.
  • Calculates bills and generates Invoices
  • Reports on turnaround time and staff performance
  • Identifies late Tasks and log jams
  • Draws down support hours
  • Allows clients to self-manage their roles
  • Add, suspend and remove clients
  • All in your company's own brand - email, App, Portal

That's what I have just done, taking me 3 weeks to complete (part time / evenings) and being absolutely fascinating and enjoyable.

I'm not trying to sell my Work Management system to you - it's mine!  But I am trying to make people (not software developers) realise that they themselves can build ANY service, just like I have!

So, how is this even possible? 

Firstly, I and my team are experienced and skilled in what we do with "work management".  This is critical!  If you are not very good at what you do - well, you've got bigger problems than software can help with!

Secondly, we took a licence for the XPOR no-code platform and developed the whole thing ourselves.  We didn't write any "code", we didn't do any database work, we didn't utilise software coders, we didn't analyse our requirements (because we knew them!), we didn't draw up specifications, we didn't have sprint meetings, we didn't even do software security testing. We simply used the XPOR no-code platform to complete the entire system.

Well, when I say "complete", this is not strictly true because we realise now that, unlike a conventional software project, No Code projects are NEVER complete.  They are "live" systems, enabling persistent review and improvement.

If you have a project coming up, you simply have to consider using a No-Code (not Low code!!) platform, like XPOR, to build it.  Unlike ANY other method of developing, No Code platforms put YOU in control, enabling your creativity of function and purpose to rapidly build and develop a better way of providing the service you and your clients crave.