Cyber Essentials Certification ACHIEVED!

Published on: 01/12/2017

We are very happy to announce that we were recently awarded the Cyber Essential Scheme Test certification.

Earlier in the year we reviewed our security practices, which was required as we upgraded our network and email management systems.Cyber Essentials Certificate

Like the proverbial snowball, each review triggered another such that the majority of our network was upgraded in the end!  Whilst running through the exercise we decided (for the first time!) to get this recognised by applying for Cyber Essentials.

The certification process was used as a kind of milestone for the project – a finishing line for us to cross.  Even though we are (and always have been) happily under control of our security practices, we needed something to “reach” at the end of the process.  And we did - passed first time!

As a side note, Cyber Essentials is a pre-requisite for national and local government projects.  We’ve done a lot of these over the years and now qualify officially!