e-commerce system from a brochure!

Published on: 15/06/2006

Organisations and companies who are currently marketing by traditional methods (such as catalogues, mail order, telesales and direct sales) will now realise that there really is no ignoring the Internet. Senior managers who have not commenced the switch must now be getting worried. Learning how to manage an organisation employing blended routes to market is no simple task.

This can seem like a mountain to the uninitiated. To the initiated, we KNOW it is a mountain!

Webree has been working for several years on tools that can assist organisations making the extension from traditional marketing to e-commerce. Some might call it evolution. One such tool integrates hard copy / PDF material into an e-commerce system. Starting with a PDF brochure, the tool will assimilate the PDF and present draft representations of products and their variants for incorporation into a product management system.

At present this tool is being used to analyse a brochure of approximately 300 pages detail, with more than 3,000 products. The entire analysis and creation of the e-commerce system takes the minimum of time, with only proofing / minor modifications being necessary manually.

The products are then represented through the XPOR's e-commerce module Store ManagOR.

Given that the client already operates an in-house stock and order management system, the XPOR installation will also integrate with this data store. Again, an example of evolution rather than revolution.

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