... and don't forget Mac Users ...

Published on: 13/04/2006

We all know that Windows has recognised its security flaws. Linux users also face security threats. Now Mac users, previosuly secure with their stylish pre-cursors to Windows OS, face a significant security threat.

Renepo, or Opener, is a shell script that targets the OS X platform. Described as a shot across the bows, rather than a pressing immediate danger to Mac environments, this just goes to show that all machines connected toth Internet are at threat.

As a website host, we are often asked about security of our systems. Relying as we do on mainstream Windows and Cisco products, we have given this a lot of consideration. Good security policies, both technical and social, are essential. However, one wise old sage once stated "The only secure computer is one that is not connected to the Internet, or any other network, is in a room by its own ... and is switched off!"

Renepo is described as a worm as it is self-propagating. However, it doesn't use email as a carrier. Instead it first needs to get root access to a system, but once run will begin seeking out other drives and systems on the network to which it can copy iteslf.