Another Online Learning Resource for Pfizer

Published on: 06/11/2009

Another Online Learning Resource for Pfizer

The SOL programme (Sense of Leadership) is an expert-led learning initiative providing members who have a special interest in overactive bladder, other lower urinary tract symptoms and pelvic floor problems, funded by Pfizer.

Webree (in conjunction with one of our partnering design agencies) have developed an online learning resource for SOL’s member base of healthcare professional.

The site has been built on our XPOR CMS so that the client can manage its day to day changes. The site also incorporate the following features:

Member Registration Approval– SOL’s admin team are notified of each new registrant. Approval of membership is required before access is given to the private learning resource areas.

Online Learning Materials – Documents, audio files, slide banks and videos

Events and Event Management – Events and Workshops are posted on the site complete with an automated number management system so ensure that the events are never over booked

Online Surveys – helps to establish the type of information the members would like

SOL approached our partnering agency to provide this facility, as with them we produced an award winning online learning resource for another Pfizer funded project. EYECAMPUS won The Education Award for Best Medical Education Programmes at the Communiqué Awards 2008