Database DesignOR online database development

Published on: 30/03/2006

All businesses operate a database of some sort or another. It might be a simple price list or it might be a multi-dimensional datastore. Bringing that database to the web will require a significant investment of time and cost, without an external web service / database developer (such as us) doing the work for you.

Not anymore!

Xpor users now stand to gain the benefit of being able to build their own database systems, presented through their websites, on-line. With a simple to use interface and complete incorporation into the Xpor system, it will take literally minutes to create a simple on-line database form, such as a registration form.

Furthermore, using Database DesignOR with the Xpor Template DesignOR and you can present the Form through an Xpor web service, as any other web page.

Forms can contain Buttons, for which functions can be applied. Consequently it is possible to create multi-form applications, presenting and storing data in multiple related tables. All of this is built by the User, on-line!

If you are interested in further information about Database DesignOR, please click here and register your interest. This will take you to series of Forms, built using Database DesignOR! We will then send you a PDF brochure of Xpor, with Database DesignOR details included, together with a series of links to web pages already deploying the system.