Extranet for South West Water

Published on: 14/05/2008

Client Overview:

South West Water provide water and sewerage services to Devon Cornwall and small parts of Dorset and Somerset covering an area of approximately 4,300 square miles, serving around 1.6 million residents. 100 million gallons of water is supplied through 10,000miles of water mains to domestic and commercial customers every day.

The Brief:

South West Water and their Consulting Engineers Pell Frischmann approached Webree to develop a secure online database detailing their new water and sewerage schemes, sewer adoptions, requisitions and diversions. The extranet database required the following:
* Multiple user/ access levels
* Detailed task grids for each scheme, showing stages and actions on whom
* Electronic Document Management System
* Report facility with export features

The Solution:

An Extranet is a web site/ service used by a company’s employees that generally contains company or project specific information that is partially accessible to authorised third parties. The main purpose of these online applications is to share information and allow the parties involved to co-ordinate more efficiently.

The South West Water “Developer Work Database” has been built using XPOR, one of our Content Management Systems (CMS). This software platform has a flexible Database module (Database DesignOR) which enables SWW to build their own databases and forms to collect and/ or present information through their web service. 

Multiple User/ Access Levels This application has multiple users with different access levels, including third party companies. When each user logs in the system automatically recognises them and understands which areas of the database, its forms and documents that the user can view and edit. The number of users is unlimited and the client is able to add new users and set each users access levels

 Task Grids The task grids provide a full history on each project detailing the projects stage, if further action is required and by whom.  

Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) This document management system enables the storage of all types on documents, such as cad drawings, word and excel documents. The EDMS has a tree folder storage area plus a search facility for easy navigation.

 Report Facility with Export Features The application has been built with the facility to generate client specific reports from the data stored at any time. These reports can also be exported into excel spreadsheets.

The Benefits:

Trying to keep track of paper work, the status of schemes and who needed to do what next was a nightmare for South West Water and all the relevant parties involved before the introduction of the extranet. The time saved by the online database is simply too vast to quantify. The single database, accessible by all 24 hours a day has made the management of these schemes much more efficient. What’s more, the system is flexible and future proof. The extranet is being modified all the time as the client requires more and more features and functionality.

Webree regularly consult with all of our clients to review and improve their online services, ensuring that the software takes the strain, not them. If you’d like to discuss how an extranet or online database could improve the way you work call us on 02392 738000