Go Go SEO!

Published on: 29/02/2008

Search Engine Marketing - Drive customers to your website!

Webree's recent launch of our search engine services have already boasted impressive results for several existing clients of which now rank on the first page of google for their products or search phrases.

Webree know that for a website to be successful, your potential customers or visitors must be able to find your site. Search engine marketing is all about increasing the awareness of your website and the effectiveness of reaching your target audience via acquiring optimal positions on search engine rankings.

Search Engine Optimisation

The core of search engine optimisation is designing, writing and programming your website so that there is a good chance your website will appear in the top results for selected keyword queries on search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo. This standard is adopted throughout all Webree projects. Our content management platforms, Xpor and IBIS, were developed with search engines in mind. These systems make it easier for webmasters to maintain competitive rankings for their website.

Webree have an arsenal of tricks and fundamental processes to improve any website's rankings.

Paid Advertising Campaigns

Paid advertising refers to paying a search engine to place you under sponsored listings for your choice of keywords. You are charged for every person that clicks through to your website, gauranteeing that a paid click gets you 1 visitor. This enables some flexibility as you can choose exactly what search phrases will activate your advert thus can target potential customers more effectively.

Search engine rankings highlighting sponsored listings

Webree recently launched a paid advertising campaign for IEA Clean Coal Centre's Coal Online information resource. This paid campaign aimed to increase website usage statistics and build credibility on being the top resource on finding out information on coal. Although the campaign has only been running for a matter of weeks, usage has more than quadroupled and continues to climb! See the graph below:

usage statistic improvements

Webree understand that in the current situation with search engines, high rankings are simply impossible to gaurantee, even with a history of success. Paid advertising delivers adverts to your budget, schedule, targetted geographical areas, and choice of keywords.

Call us for a free consultation on 023 9273 8000. We will assess your web service, advise on budgets and competition, and completely manage your campaign while you sit back and watch your income skyrocket!