Hosting Service upgraded

Published on: 02/02/2009

Webree launches super-fast resilient web service 

We are delighted to announce that we have completed a significant upgrade to our hosting services. Our web servers are now connected to the Internet via a 100Mb/s capacity leased line, This is backed up by a 10Mb/s capacity "resilient" fail-over.

Our decision to invest in this upgrade was made for us by the increasing demands and reliance on the web-based services we host here. Our bandwidth consumption has increased significantly for such services as video conferencing which is used increasingly through our sites. 100 Mb/s will completely ease the strain.

Likewise, "Mission Critical" applications are increasingly being provided through our websites ... not only online sales but tools and extranet type services. When these go down, businesses suffer. The fail-over line absolutely minimises this risk.

"We have worked hard in the run up to the Christmas period (and even across it) to complete the process. Our Internet connections are now faster, expandable and fully resilient. If one line fails (ntl) we automatically switch to a BT fail-over line. This type of technology is not cheap. Yet we believe it is an expense worth paying in order to protect our clients against the inevitable failures that do occur (and minimise my sleepless nights). Of course we all hope that the BT line is never used ... but in the real world we all know that ntl have downtime, whether for maintenance or other reasons." -

Chris Dockree MD.