Web site controlled Video Conferencing

Published on: 10/07/2009

Video Conferencing website controlled

It's a fantastic application of web technologies ... running a conference over the web. Saving time and travel costs, attending meetings held online offers considerable benefits.

Webree has been working on this technology for the past 18 months, but with a different approach to most.

If you have attended a web conference over the past two years you may well have utilised the service provided by one of Tthe market leaders, for example Webex. These companies sell you time on their systems for the duration of the Conference and proportional to the number of Users involved. The systems are generally good and although relatively expensive, will usually save money overall.

However, the time will come when we will look back at this third party service and think "can you believe we did that in those days?". We think it will compare to popping to the company next door to use their phone to call your staff! These things need to be kept in-house. For example, let's consider a Meeting of your Project Managers, the Technical Group, the Client and Consultant? All people who have controlled access accounts to your website. The Meeting will involve an Agenda, Technical Papers, Drawings, spreadsheets and a presentation. All documents that are strictly private to your business, held in your private Document Management System. So why not make use of this central resource and enable the Conference through your website?

This is the starting point for the webree approach to online Meetings. Create a Conference / Meeting (in your website), invite your Users (through the website, added to their website calendars) and coordinate with the presenters / manager just what documents are to be presented.

We recognise that the presentation will likely be held in a meeting room, not your web server room!

But the presentations (and audio / video if required) will be provided to those people logging into your Conference through the website who have been invited to attend. All under your control, logged / archived for future reference or subsequent viewing by people who couldn't attend at that time.