COVID 19 lockdown - Service as normal, some staff NOT!

Published on: 10/04/2020

Homeworking is not possible for many trades, so furloughing and self-isolation will be the only option.  Other professions can work from home - especially those people who work with online services.  Maintaining a website is fairly commonplace and can usually be performed from any internet connected location.  But organisational management systems are a totally different matter.

Webree provides and support business management systems, all built with the XPOR No-Code platform - all running online.  Consequently, our customers can continue with their work, from any location that is provided with an internet connection.  And even at this extraordinary time, our self-isolated staff supporting our clients and XPOR licencees, from their homes.  Well, not all of them!

We maintain a single person in our offices, to manage any IT issues that might occur.  But it appears that we should be considering the mental well-being of this lonely office employee, as he has now invented his own office colleagues.

Thankfully he has at least remembered who we are - and where we normally sit.  I can only hope that the new "me" is not an improvement / permanent replacement!

All of the staff at Webree (and our doppelgangers) wish you, our clients and friends, a safe and Happy Easter.