Léierpersounen Delegatioun aus Lëtzebuerg

Published on: 29/09/2017

On a fact finding mission to Portsmouth, we welcomed an 8-strong intrepid group of teachers from the country of Luxembourg.  Keen to learn about development practices at webree, their purpose was to assess the suitability of companies such as webree as a destination for student internships.

Luxembourg Delegation Visit

Ready with his soapbox (one of the few English coloquiesms that had to be explained!) our Managing Director soon got past our history (20 years!!) and onto the social and working practice implications of IT, software and web based services.  "Our philosophy is that IT and software should be to make working lives better!"

In order to demonstrate this Chris overviewed the XPOR system and how it enables non-technical people to cut-out IT consultants and Developers - to get development work done!  This was well received, and, though the strap line "Take Back Control" raised some unfortunate comparisons with Brexit, it does entirely describe what XPOR facilitiates!

Hopefully the rest of the visit was valuable and that Google Traslate has done a reasonable job with the heading