Gartner survey confirms what we've known for years - the end of client software development is nigh!

Published on: 15/06/2021

Gartner Research, a much respected team of analysts, has been considering the future of Technology Service provisions - the sort of systems that clients might want developed to control / manage / run aspects of their business.

Over the past years this has meant either buying "Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS)" software options or employing bespoke a software development team.  Gartner is casting light on a third way - No Code platforms.  At last!! We've been saying this for years.  In fact we've been living this for the past 10 years, working with a No Code platform called XPOR.

Developing and managing long term projects is a dangerous task.  Developers and Analysts involved in the exercise, gain deep insights into a business case / requirements. Of course (!) the  outcome will be exactly what the product Owner was looking for - and everything will go swimmingly.

But then a business change or even an environmental change (windows updates!) will require the system to be fixed or extended. All very well, so long as you have access to the Developer / Analysts involved.  Usually this is not the case!

The sensible thing for any business is to jump on the first opportunity to use a No Code platform to develop their own service, using their own staff and internal resources.

So what can you do with a No Code platform?  Why not give it a go for yourself and find out?  Or even ask us to show you (within reason!) ALL of our clients systems are built with the XPOR No Code platform, now. And we have some very "trick", business critical examples, built without a software coder in sight!