HMS Queen Elizabeth moves in!

Published on: 21/08/2017
Yesterday a new boat arrived in our home city of Portsmouth, the aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth.  At precisely 07:10 on 16th August 2017 she passed through the mouth of Portsmouth harbour.  A chance for the thousands of people lining the shore to admire and photograph her.

 HMS Queen Elizabeth

She is bristling with technology and will be a mighty addition to the Navy.  She has a number of stealth features that the Navy is keeping very quiet about.  For example, she has a sneak-mode.  In the picture opposite we can see this demonstrated as she sneeks behind historic ship HMS Warrior.


And the Navy tried to hide her 4.5 acre, 65,000 tonne vastness by having her Sailors stand on the edge to hide the stuff she has on deck.


Even her name, Queen Elizabeth, could be used to cause confusion with the enemy.  Imagine the surprise and confusion as this Queen Elizabeth rocks up on the red carpet!