Invest in Hampshire X4 Goes Live

Published on: 20/10/2015
Invest In Hampshire's Key Development Sites Google Map

Hampshire County Council's upgraded website to promote investment within the County,, has just gone live! Their old site was recreated in X4 with some exciting new additions.

One of the newest and coolest features in X4 is Google Maps! We used this on Invest In Hampshire to display the locations of the development sites within the county. The markers were put into different categories which means that you can have different things appear as different markers, and explain this to viewers with a legend. The markers were customised to show the development's name, photo and a short description, with a link to a webpage with further information.

They also have map layers to show the county boundary.

They co-ordinated their Go Live with the announcement of their Key Developments Sites portfolio.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with them and wish the team good luck with the launch!