Powerful Web applications over a satellite Connection - here's how!

Published on: 26/03/2018

One particular challenge presented to serving web based applications is poor telecoms connectivity.  For example, many remote assets only have satellite connections, to access internet services, making web activity virtually impossible.  This is an especially difficult challenge for a web based service that is delivering critical data and information to that location.

But there is a solution and it doesn't involve tin cans and lengths of string!

Install an Application on the remote computer and have it receive / push data to and from the web server, in tiny individual data packages.  This data is communicated to / from the cloud-based home server by an FTP(S) client, also built into the Application. 

Then, all of the heavier processing of data, the user interface, web pages and graphics can be handled by the Application itself.  Truly as lightweight as it can be on the data connection quality and bandwidth, with built in encryption for data transfer security.

So much of the work of the internet is now intended for graphics and presentation, understandably given we look at it!  But the raw data and purpose of a website should be the primary concern.  Never is this more important than when the connections are extremely low quality and unreliable!