Providing access to huge resource of environmental data

Published on: 06/01/2021

Webree is proud to have recently launched a new service for our client, UK Water Industry Research Ltd.  This is an incredible resource of environmental data has been made publicly available by UKWIR, on behalf of the ten UK Water and Wastewater Companies.  It contains over three million test readings from 600 "sensitive" Wastewater Treatment Works.

Of course the vast majority of this task was to collect samples and run analysis - a significant investment by water companies.  And, whilst the relevant lessons were learnt from this work, it was recognised that this would be a fantastic resource for any member of the general public to explore and analyse.  This is where webree comes in!

Using the XPOR no-code development platform that powers the UKWIR website, the service was developed and the data imported.  A system model was created and pages / forms / charts added to enable users to access and view data.  Additionally we enabled the system with a sign-up / confirmation process, to connect those people with the tool.  As a consequence, users can make any number of data filters, all of which are stored and available for users to return to at any time.

The service is provided free of charge to people who may use it for Environmental Information Requests (EIR's) or general academic work.

You may access the service here.