Shipping Methods

Published on: 17/07/2015

Shipping a customer’s order has become much more convenient for both you and your customers with XPOR 4. XPOR 4 will now suggest the most appropriate packaging size (from your carriers) according to the products being purchased. These suggestions appear as a list of carriers with the possible delivery options.

 Shipping Methods

How does this benefit the customer?

It benefits the customer in two ways; the customer avoids paying for an unnecessary packaging option and they are given the choice of carriers. Customers will undoubtedly have a preferred carrier, XPOR 4 allows them to make their own choice.

How does this benefit me and my business?

XPOR 4 takes product dimensions into account when picking packaging sizes, preventing any second guessing or unnecessary checking. This allows the dispatcher to quickly assemble the order with minimum fuss.

Delivery is a big part of the ecommerce process and can be the deciding factor for potential returning customers. Ensuring that they feel they are in control and getting the best deal is the best way to secure their future business.  

How is this achieved?

In order to enable this feature you simply need to add your shipping carriers to the system (as well as their package sizes and associated costs) - XPOR 4 will do the rest for you.

What if the order is too big or heavy?

In the event that an order is too big XPOR 4 will suggest packaging choices that take cost and number of packages into account in order to provide the customer with the cheapest and most convenient solution.