System Design - the Human Touch

Published on: 06/09/2019

As we complete another System Design workshop with one of our clients we reflect on the day and the outcomes.  Eight hours earlier we had started out on a mysterious and disturbing path of exploration - "How do we achieve "better"?"

Now we have completed the workshop - we all know just how to do this, the changes required and the reason why things work the way they do.

And we enjoyed the experience and are excited to enact the changes.  We converted the NEED to do things better into a real WANT to see this achieved.  Now everybody is impatient to see things happening!

A lot of our work here at webree involves understanding systems, organisations, ways of working and then finding how to improve them, to move an organisation forwards.  When we start on these activities we DON'T know how this can be achieved.  But we DO know it can be achieved and that this will be discovered by our Client, as the day proceeds.

So, in todays' case, we have identified the individual mission goals, the "Where are we Now, "What's the Problem with where we are now?" and "Where do we want to be?" for each of these.  And then - "How do we achieve Better?"

It is so satisfying to see people realise that improvements are possible.  Give people "space" and they can really design effective change to their processes and organisation. Business Analysis in action!