The power of Facebook - six degrees of separation

Published on: 24/10/2017

Whilst ambling around the local streets, walking my dog, I found a USB stick lying in the middle of the road.  With nobody in sight, I was faced with two choices;

  1. Leave it there to be squashed by a passing car or
  2. Try to do a good deed and take it home and see if I could find / return it to its’ rightful owner.

It’s the Good Deed choice, every time for me!  Thing is, when I looked at its' content, there were no identifying marks, address etc.  but there were a few pictures.

That’s when I wondered “how about posting a couple on Facebook, with an explanation, to see if any of my connections could point me in the right direction”.

Turns out that none of them did – but somebody who one of them knew did.  This took a couple of hours form initial post to contact by a friend of the owner!

An hour or so later they had their USB stick (and photos) back.

They say that everybody in the world is connected to everybody else by only a maximum of 6 connections – a friend who knows a friend, who knows a friend, who knows a friend who knows a friend, who knows a friend.  Now I’m no mathematician, but that’s a short journey to EVERYBODY in the world!

That’s the power of Facebook!  Of course you have to have an account first!