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Published on: 26/02/2010

WssTP website goes live

We are delighted to have been recently appointed as the web service provider for the Water supply and sanitation Technology Platform (WSSTP). This European initiative has been running for 6 years, developing a coordinated research agenda for the water and related industries in the EC.

The new website is based on our XPOR web service, providing the public facing records produced and presented by WSSTP, together with details about the organisation and its activities.

The site also provides a controlled access document archive, registration services, conference promotion and a controlled events calendar. Additionally, WSSTP members are provided with private access to areas of the site.

WSSTP supports a Europe-wide base of Mirror Groups, with the majority of EC countries-actively involved.

Under its current Agenda, WSSTP is concentrating on 6 "Pilot Projects", all intended to address Europe wide water related issues. Coordinated research into these areas is the best and most cost effective method of addressing common problems across the community. Furthermore, the WSSTP is intended to coordinate EC research activity such that EC member countries gain the collaborative benefits of being part of the EC centre of excellence of water related matters.