Welcome to Client Account Manager Iulia

Published on: 23/12/2020

We are delighted to welcome Iulia to our team, to her new role as Client Account Manager.  Iulia comes to us from a background in the retail sector, following a degree in fashion design from Portsmouth University.  Having gained valuable experience working with a top fashion brand, Iulia now brings her artistic eye to webree and the world of online services.

Managing Director Chris Dockree says, “Client Account Managers are the first point of contact with webree and our technical team.  This means, above all, our CAM’s must empathise with clients, to understand and ensure that commissioned work is delivered to the customers satisfaction.  This is particularly challenging at this time, with remote working a considerable workload.  By adding to the team, our purpose is to improve and make our service better. Our previous Client Account Managers have been more focussed on the technical side, which often “internalised” the concerns and tasks that clients would ask of us.  So, following a lengthy training period to acclimatise to our industry, Iulia will bring an extra dimension to our service, for customers and colleagues alike.