Welcoming our newest client: Universal Volunteer Network

Published on: 01/06/2021

In a world where there’s an app for almost everything and challenging times seem to grow the demand for support and help requests, you often wonder where can you can lend a hand in your local area?

Conventionally the process of applying for volunteer work can be a daunting task, however UVN have set out to increase volunteering locally and ease the application process by developing a social network that holds everyone, from charities to communities and individual volunteers alike, all under ONE roof. 

Beneficial Foundation, a well-established local charity (that recently had to close its doors), have offered UVN a grant to start-up this idea and it seems only fair for James, John and Matthew to carry on their legacy. They’ve chosen to collaborate with us to advance an online platform that can filter and find project opportunities according to your own interests and where you can interact with the charity directly. After the pilot program ends later this year, we’ll be looking at developing a very first mobile Android app as well!

Quite exciting times ahead and for us to embark on this mission of making volunteering more accessible and more social by easing up the process for all users. Watch this space!

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