What have you done Lu?!?!

Published on: 11/11/2016

Our compulsive planner and strict mistress of deadlines and budgets, Lu, has beaten another deadline!  We are thrilled to broadcast to all of her friends and clients associated with webree, that Lu has recently given birth to her first child.

Excellent weekends work

Having worked hard for the past 10 years to get our tardy developers to hit their deadlines, Lu managed to set a perfect example by achieving her deadline a week early.

Just like delivering a finished project to one of our clients, there was some measure of shouting, pain and drugs.  But at the end of a massive effort and loads of emotion, she has produced an amazing new baby.

Lu has started her Maternity leave, and will return to work later next year.  We are wondering what lessons she'll bring back with her? 

  • A more sympathetic understanding of the trials and tribulations that we developers go through to bring our own creations to life?

Or perhaps

  • A firmer hand in coping with difficult, childish, bad tempered, over demanding, petulant, unappreciative, never grateful, uncommunicative personalities?

If it’s the second, then we need to be clear that corporal punishment will not be tolerated in the workplace!