What is XPOR all about?

Published on: 15/03/2016

XPOR - Model it, Build it, Use it.

We have been using XPOR for many years now.  It provides three simple steps to getting your online service under your control.  And we mean YOU - not some third party developer or your in-house development team or off-the-shelf, white labelled “work like this” software options.

The key to this is to provide a system that you, as owner of the business process, can understand.  And we do this by letting you build your own, entire system.  First thing, therefore, is simply to sketch out how your system connects together - the parts involved and how they relate to each other.

#1 - Sketch our your business model;

Not as complicated as you might be worrying about.  Simply draw out on a piece of paper how the business process works - not the business flow diagram at this point, simply the principal things and how they connect to each other.  Here's a typical Business / Object Model;

Example Object Model

#2 - Build the elements with Object Modeller

Object Modeller is the unique tool that lets you build and manage the various objects that comprise your business process, as sketched out above.  Not only does it let you build the objects, it also lets you create the associations between them, together with the forms that you can then use to add / edit / control the objects.

XPOR Object Modelller

#3 - Use them through your new website

Now you have your object types built, you can add as many of these objects and edit them all via your website, either through the back end administration interface OR via custom forms through the front of the website.