A Wizard is never late, it completes its task exactly when it should

Published on: 16/04/2020

This latest release of XPOR includes Wizard Forms. What is a Wizard, we hear you saying?? It is either a “man who has magical powers” or “a means of automating tasks by asking the user a series of easy to follow questions”. Whilst the first definition would obviously be a fantastical addition to the XPOR feature set (for the followers of JRR Tolkien, J.K Rowling and the likes), we are nevertheless excited to announce the inclusion of Wizard Forms on our platform.

Picture of a fictional wizard.  XPOR has real ones!

So how do I explain what the purpose of a Wizard form and how they work?

As I rack my brains for a good case example, my senses tell me I need a Pee!

So up I get and trot off to the toilet – I’m a man, by the way, so it’s the Gents toilet for me. No fiddling with skirts and tights(!) it’s just whip down the zip and point Thomas in the direction of the pan and - satisfaction. Then, tidy away the Thomas, wash hands and return to desk.

Let’s see if a wizard can help me with this?

  • Do you want to pee? Yes
  • Are you a man or woman? Man
  • Visit the Gents toilet. Is it occupied? No
  • Enter the toilet. Are you in the Gents Toilet? Yes
  • Down with the Zip. Is the Thomas out? Yes
  • Are you pointing at the pan? Yes
  • Relieve! Finished? Yes
  • Tidy away. Is Thomas zipped up? Yes
  • Wash hands Yes
  • Return to desk

If I’d answered the Second question as "Woman", the Wizard would need to guide me along a different path of tasks (which I can only guess at!).

On the other hand (!) if I answered "No" to the wash hands question – this being a mandatory requirement – I would be instructed how to wash my hands and not allowed out of the toilet until I answered "Yes"!

Wizards are shown with a Next and Back button, with each question presented individually.  XPOR also enables the user to view their completed path, together with the current question.  Alternatively, some people like to know what is coming, as well as what has already been done. 

XPOR Wizard forms work with all of the XPOR framework, built with XPOR System Modeller. Complete flexibility and the freedom to develop your own wizard forms, to guide users through the tasks they have to perform for your application.