GBBO 2019 - we're at it again

Published on: 08/10/2019

This year we are excited to have our neighbours join in our annual cake baking (and scoffing) competition.  Last year our friends at The Beneficial Foundation provided their tasting and judging skills, to help us pick our winner.  This year Jennie has taken the plunge and joined in.  Good Luck Jennie.

And then, our next door neighbours, Elite Recruitment, have also been enticed by the prospect of cake and competition.  Very exciting.

You can follow our progress on

Same rules as always, meaning we each bake a cake when our GBBO competitor is evicted from the TV show.  So let's hope the show has some tasty and realistic options for us to make - not pitta bread, baked outside on a stone oven in the rain!!!

Prepare the batter and warm up the oven --- Bake!